Day 31, Floors to go . . .

It looks like while the first half of the dormer was fairly easy to lay down, the other half is taking a bit longer.  In part, I suspect, maybe down to us! I noticed the huge pile of wood in the garden.  A byproduct of years of laying down wood to make the loft walk able. Every time we would have old furniture or a large enough piece of wood, it would end up in the loft as flooring, and then the new area would end up as storage.

Probably why it took us, (me), so long to clear the loft! Although I cleared 99% of the stuff, I kind of forgot about the wood.  Can clearly see around most of the loft now, although all the insulation has been pushed into the end of the roof they are not working on yet.

Ceiling supports removed from the living room – and now in the small bedroom. The builders had a little accident and gone through a little of the ceiling.  They put the supports in the bedroom to prevent further damage while working.

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