Day 29, Floors and Baby Foot . . .

Boiler man came with the builder today.  Something about adding/laying more pipes for the new boiler.  My other half didn’t notice until they had gone though that like me, they also left a small memento in our shower ceiling – unlike my big foot contribution, theirs was a lot smaller, hence the Baby Foot in the title 🙂

Floor look the same as yesterday, so they must be working on floor for the other half of the dormer.  Will be nice when the stairs come; climbing into the loft a pain.  The other half didn’t quite make it into the loft (she has a fear of heights, bless her), so she had to make do with my quick snap shots.

From the outside, I can see the drainage on the dormer, but I am hoping this is temporary; for some reason the drain goes down right in between the windows . . . I was kind of expecting it to be off to one edge of the dormer etc. Something to ask the builders.

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