Day 25, Covering up . . .

Finally the tiles are going on top of the new roof.  It was a little twing of regret seeing our nasty old tiles being put back on.  I would have preferred new tiles – the back of the house is not visible from the front  or side of the house, so I thought we could have got away with nice new tiles.

The old tiles are . . .  old, discoloured and has a penchant for collecting clumps of greeny black moss or fungi.  For some reason the growth mainly occurs on the back roof and not so much on the front.  The other half was insistent she was fine with the old tiles . . (easy for her – she isn’t the one who has to climb the damn roof to use the jet wash to try and clean the blobs of growth off (sometimes they smell, forcing a clean, and if they go in the roof guttering they end up blocking it) . Sigh . . ., it is what it is I guess . . .

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