Day 24, Half Roasted Red Lobsters . . .

Funny to see builders this morning as I left for work – the young ‘uns were roasted red on their backs.  The dad who leads the building team wisely stayed in shorts and t-shirt.  Another blistering day.  After I got back from work, I was out for five minutes to hang some wet clothes out, and I almost fainted from the heat!

Good progress on the roof.  The dormers not quite to design, now we can see the shell in full – we can see our drawings had the windows very slightly larger and gaps between them much smaller, but the builder reckoned the architect made mistakes in his drawing, although I thought the drawings looked quite good to me.

I think it looks okay, although I wished I had stood my ground and insisted on the dormer going straight out as far as the outward facing walls – I’ve seen other houses do this and extend the roof down a tiny bit, so the dormer still has a skirt.

Architect managed to talk my other half from agreeing saying it wouldn’t look nice, and I think now my other half can see the shell she regrets it now, as we would have got another 1.5m in the room.  Still it is what it is, and we should still get some decent sized bedrooms/en suites out of them.

Loft entrance from inside house is sealed now that they are also working on the inside, so unable to take pics from inside the loft.

Click below for Slideshow


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