Day 13, Anyone speak Klingon?

Another rainy day.  Had an interesting morning – our living room is partitioned with a black DPM sheet, so we could hear the builders on the other side of the room, separated only by a thin membrane.  They were talking shop to each other, about how they were going to do this and that to fix a particular problem – and gosh, I do like my DIY, but they were speaking a completely different language!! –  it might as well have been in Klingon! 🙂 . . . Now I understand how non techy people feel when I’m talking shop to another IT person – truly humbling!

There was a *lot* of banging, sawing etc today.  Can see some work on the outside wall (opposite the kitchen extension), also they seem to be doing something where the rafters above the kitchen extension meets the existing roof.

click below to start slideshow


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