Day 6, Day of Palpitations . . .

Another day of great progress.  You can start to see where the new kitchen window will be.  Side walls are higher, and they have put a steel girder on top of the existing living room window (which will become a large doorway between the living room and kitchen).  The also very considerately put in a black sheet in the middle of the living room, so we can still carry on using the front bit of the living room, without invasion of dust etc.

So why the mini heart attack?  The builders wanted nearly half of the build cost (approx 43%) as first payment!  It was later bought down to about a third of the cost.  To avoid worry and stress always get a builders contract before build works that lists exactly whats going to be done and the payment schedule.

We have an sheet of the cost / quote and a sheet of paper with four payments on it and no dates.  Can you tell we’ve never done an extension before? 🙂

We got our builders from word of mouth, and so far they have been absolutely stellar, but the amount after just six days of work kind of took me by surprise.  I’m hoping the rest of the build will carry on with this fantastic pace, but the ground extension is the easy part – I guess the loft conversion will be a lot harder.


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