Day 0, The Journey Begins

A time lapse blog for our house extension.

Day 0, 14th March 2018

After days of waiting the build finally starts!! (We originally had it penned for the end of Jan, but the builders had some delays in their last job), but hey – all good things go to those that wait! right?

Ok, so I retrospectively decided to blog the build about a week in.  Yes I should have taken lots of pics outside the house . . . but i didn’t 🙂 , so we got a bland pic of the only sign of activity – a few boards outside the house, and some metal stands in the back garden.

There was some interaction with our picky neighbors about temporarily using their driveway to get the digger into our back garden. Lets not confuse them with our lovely neighbors next to us 🙂 .

They, [the picky neighbors], thought it weighed too much (hmmm, they definitely don’t weigh as much as their big cars! 🙂 But hey, we don’t want no friction, so the builders are going to try and get a mini digger for tomorrow.

The builders were quite cool about it, “We see it all the time, and its better you keep on good terms with them”.  Awww, who thought considerate builders were fiction?


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